Our mission

We're on a mission

We made Norwegian Trash Store to prove that circular is beautiful. Our goal is to redirect waste from nature, landfills and incinerators towards a second life as meaningful products. It's sustainable common sense.

Natural resources are limited. Trash is abundant.

Why ruin nature by making furniture from precious natural resources, when you can make it from our endless pile of trash?

The ethics of aesthetics

Worthless stuff gets thrown away. Valuables remain in the loop. That’s why we believe giving trash value through design. That also means creating meaningful objects that create a sense of attachment and personal value beyond normal. The products we sell are also made to last for a really long time, have a high second second hand value and being repairable.

We sell examples of true circularity

We believe in true, actual material recycling. This means no burning for energy (and no landfills!), but actually using trash to create new things that can be recycled again and again.

That’s why everything we sell is made from recycled materials, and are designed and manufactured to be 100% recyclable.

Transparent, ethical, sustainable

We're not stopping at "recycled". Our opinion is that the entire process of designing, producing, buying furniture needs to change. This starts with transparency – we'll show you where everything is sourced and made, and at what environmental and climatic footprint.