Norwegian Trash

The Resurface Collection

Preorder Resurface table 01

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A limited edition of 20 tables will be made and avaliable for preorder summer 2021.

Beautifully crafted from waste plastic, the shapes of the Resurface table echoes the organic soft shapes found in nature. The colored specs on the surface brings a playful terrazzo-like look, and the weight and thickness of the tabletop makes the table feel more like stone than plastic.

This table is made in just the right size for a tv-dinner for two. It’s designed and made to stand the test of time, or any amount of cava your friend spills on the table.

The table will have small imperfections like shallow scratches and air bubbles from production. These blemishes tell the story of the journey from marine waste to a finished piece of furniture, and is a consequence of the soft PE plastic used.

Product journey

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